We aren't famous or rich. We are just ordinary people who have a passion to end human trafficking.


In Fall of 2009, we were brought together by our eagerness to confront modern day sex trafficking. We didn’t know much about the sex trade so we decided to look into this criminal activity. What we found was shocking. We became enraged by the degree of abuse and suffering inflicted on countless women and children throughout the world. This heartbreaking reality turned our concern for these people into an uncompromising passion to fight for their freedom. In November 2009, we began to ask ourselves what could be done to fight this injustice. As we researched the problem, we became aware that the sex trafficking market has grown as a result of the increased demand for purchased sex. It was then that it became clear to us that our efforts would be best spent addressing the cause of this problem; thus, prevention became our strategy. Our goal became to confront the commercial sex industry and in this way decrease the demand for purchased sex. Six months later, in May 2010, Fight Injustice and Global Human Trafficking (FIGHT) became a legal Not For Profit Corporation by the State of Florida; and in April 2011 the organization received its 501c3 status from the IRS.