The goal of Justice Week is to raise awareness about modern day slavery and to provide opportunities for members of the community to get involved in the fight to end slavery.

Our hope is that through every event of Justice Week (October 16-21, 2017) participants are moved to action. We believe that only together as a community we can put an end to this nefarious trade that preys on the most vulnerable in our society. We aim to increase awareness about domestic human trafficking and provide citizens in our community with the opportunity to help put an end to modern day slavery. It is organized by FIGHT Inc. with the collaboration from the Alachua County Coalition Against Human Trafficking. The goal is to connect members of Alachua County with organizations and law enforcement agencies that have the mission to bring an end to this nefarious trade.


Local involvement and support by members of our community is crucial for the success of Justice Week 2017. We are urging law enforcement agencies, businesses, not for profit organizations and residents to become part of the fight to end human trafficking. Partners and sponsors must submit the appropriate form no later than August 15th 2017 to ensure that their organizations name is included with all the promotional media associated with Justice Week. Funds raised during the events will be used to support survivors of human trafficking in Alachua county. FIGHT Inc., an established 501.3(c) organization, will serve as the fiscal agency for the distribution of such funds. To schedule a speaker or for more information about Justice Week 2017 please contact us at: .