The objectification of women has become “the norm” in our society from the way we advertise clothing, perfume and even fast food, to the way husbands treat their wives. As Made Men, we strive to build a new generation of men who refuse to be indifferent to the exploitation of women. With tools including social media, a smartphone APP, a mentorship program and the implementation of a curriculum in our schools, we hope to promote change in the way society promotes success.

Technology, specifically smart phones and social media, is changing our daily lives. Our APP will have targeted sections fit for young men ofdifferent age groups where they can discover what society says, what men think, and what women want. Men will learn the ways in which they can better interact with women including respect, integrity, privacy, and reliability.

Often, boys and young men lack the ability to create positive personal relationships, preventing them from respecting the women in their lives. Our curriculum will supplement the education program already in place at local schools. With trained partners in the community we will share a message of success with topics of respect, responsibility and integrity.

To complement the curriculum that will be implemented in the school system, Made Men will partner with young men in the community to create a mentorship program. Mentorship programs have proven successful with increasing high school graduation rates and decreasing violence in the community. Made Men hopes to expand on the curriculum set by our partners and create a comprehensive mentorship program that leads men to have high respect for others and high respect for themselves.


Made Men: a man whose success in life is assured. Join our fight for justice and true success.


Our vision is to produce successful men of strong character who will build the next generation free from a mindset of indifference.